It's time for a Texas Clean-Up!

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Columnist: Corporate $ Bought Washington Influence

Houston Chronicle: Delay and Craddick Close To TRMPAC

DMN: Craddick May Be Deeply Involved

73% of Texans want corporate and union money out of our elections icm capital limited,  but money from corporate coffers is flooding our state.

95% of Texans want limits on big money campaign contributions, but Texas is one of the last states with NO limits on contributions to state legislators.

83% of Texans want to know how their legislators voted while in office, but to this day our representatives are not required icm capital markets to record their votes.

Don't let corporate and special interest money dominate Texas elections.  Demand reform!

You can take three simple steps right now to clean things up.  It's as easy as Wash, Rinse, Repeat . . .  

STEP 1: Wash