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There is nothing inevitable about billion-dollar corporations and wealthy donors dominating our elections. Let others know that there is something they can do to demand change.


Do you know that big money interests in Texas politics are increasing the cost of homeowner's insurance (twice the national average), pressuring our state to expand gambling and undermining our public schools? Do you know that we banned corporate and union money from Texas elections 100 years ago, but powerful PACs are now weakening that ban?

73% of Texans want corporate and union money kept out of our elections. 93% want reasonable limits on big money campaign contributions. We want to fix the problem--but how do we do it?

It's time to clean up Texas politics and put political power back where it belongs--in the hands of the voters. It's time to hold our politicians accountable and demand change. Texans from across the state are uniting to support campaign finance reform. Find out more and take action at:


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